Eric Hoffman

"Jade ... The Stone of Emperors"


    Jade is an ideal bead material. It is beautifully translucent, exceptionally hard to break, resists scratching, and is found in a variety of attractive color combinations. Jade has been revered through thousands of years of Chinese culture, attaining almost mystical stature. Mr. Hoffman’s talk will introduce BSGW members to the material, including how to tell true jade from its many imitators and hints on dating allegedly old jades. Styles from ancient to modern will be described.

    Eric Hoffman is a retired space systems engineer with a 35-year interest in Chinese jades. He has authored 20 articles on jades, snuff bottles, and archer's rings and is writing a book on old Chinese jades. He is a member of Friends of Jade and the Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts, jade consultant to the Chinese Cultural Relics Association, and Contributing Editor (Asian) for Adornment Magazine.