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     Far East Gallery is dedicated to lovers of Chinese arts, antiques, antiquities, and– most especially– jades and snuff bottles.  It is owned and operated by Eric Hoffman, an aficionado of Chinese jades for over 40 years.  A member of the worldwide organizations Friends of Jade and the Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts, jade consultant to the Chinese Cultural Relics Association, and contributing editor to Adornment magazine, Prof. Hoffman has written many articles and reviews on this fascinating subject.

     Far East Gallery offers Chinese jades and related arts from all periods– archaic to contemporary– and in all price ranges.  We pride ourselves on accurately describing the material and motif of each carving.  With jade, material is important– "jade" must be either nephrite jade or jadeite jade.  True jade is far more attractive, desirable, and valuable than the pseudojades sometimes passed off as jade.  Far East Gallery's jades are guaranteed to be as stated, tested and confirmed by a mineralogist (for a brief tutorial on jade, click here).

     "Dating" Chinese jades is a subject fraught with difficulty.  We consult with other experts and utilize our extensive reference library to provide conservative attributions based on the most recent jade scholarship.  (For a list of Chinese Dynasties, click here.)

     Any item purchased from this Far East Gallery Web catalog may be returned in as-sent condition for full refund (less shipping) within 7 days, for any reason (please advise first).  Books, of course, in keeping with bookseller standards, are non-returnable unless materially mis-described. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over 45 years for quality, value, and fair dealing.

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