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All books in very good antiquarian condition unless noted.  (*) denotes professional, archival-grade dust jacket protector.  Dimensions in inches.  Previous owner names not always noted.  Click on underlined titles to see picture.

Jade auction catalogs (see Page 2) are valuable references, as well as providing pricing information.  

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-----.  IMPERIAL TOMBS of CHINA.   Memphis: Wonders, Memphis International Cultural Series (in assoc. w/ State Bureau of Cultural Relics, PRC), 1995. xxxi + (1) + 167 + (1) pp, numerous color & b/w illus, color map. Stiff covers, color illus, 12 x 9. Wonderful examples of excavated bronzes, jades, ceramics, and more presented by Orlando Museum of Art in association with the PRC State Bureau of Cultural Relics. Brand new copy.  Only $12

Ackerman, Phyllis.  RITUAL BRONZES of ANCIENT CHINA.  N.Y: Dryden Press, 1945.  vi + (2) pp + 77 b/w plates + pp 67-114.  Cloth, gilt. 11 1/4 x 8 3/4.  Absolutely magnificent ancient bronzes (a few jades, too) illus in razor-sharp plates accompanied by excellent tutorial text.  SCARCE, highly sought book.  Exc. internal condition, no d.j.  $59

(Arts of Asia).   ARTS of ASIA (Magazine).  Hong Kong: Arts of Asia Publications, Ltd., Vol. 10, #1.  Jan-Feb 1980.  144 pp, color illus, stiff covers sewn, color illus. 12 x 9.  Articles on Ming dynasty Chinese bronzes, 5000 years of Korean art, Ming and Ch'ing porcelains, Jakarta's Wayang Museum, and several other articles, jade advertisements, salesroom results, etc.  Only $12

(Arts of Asia).   ARTS of ASIA (Magazine).  Hong Kong: Arts of Asia Publications, Ltd., Vol. 10, #2.  Mar-Apr 1980.  144 pp, color illus, stiff covers sewn, color illus. 12 x 9.  Articles on Chinese watches, snuff bottles, Chinese furniture, Bali mask-making, Burmese silver, and several other articles, jade advertisements, salesroom results, etc.  Only $12

(Arts of Asia).   ARTS of ASIA (Magazine).  Hong Kong:Arts of Asia Publications, Ltd., Vol. 16, #4.  Jul-Aug 1986.  144 pp, color illus, stiff covers sewn, color illus. 12 x 9.  With12 pp definitive article (22 illus)  Mountain Retreats in Jade by Barry Till & Paula Swart (on jade mountains, including picture of the world's largest jade carving).  Plus 9 other articles, jade advertisements, salesroom results, etc.  SCARCE $23

(Arts of Asia).   ARTS of ASIA (Magazine).  Hong Kong: Arts of Asia Publications, Ltd., Vol. 17, #2.  Mar-Apr 1987.  156 pp, color illus, stiff covers sewn, color illus. 12 x 9.  Articles on China's top jade carver, Japanese art at the Met museum, Chinese art during the Cultural Revolution, and several other articles, jade advertisements, salesroom results, etc.  Only $15

(Arts of Asia).  ARTS of ASIA (Magazine).  Hong Kong: Arts of Asia Publications, Ltd., Vol. 35, #4. Jul-Aug 2005. 140 pp, color illus, stiff covers sewn, color illus.  12 x 9.  With article A Romance with Jade: From the De An Tang Collection (12 pp, 41 illus), plus additional jades featured in advertising and Salesroom News.  $19.50

(Asiantiques).   CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES - FALL 1997.   Winter Park, FL: Asiantiques, 1997.  95 pp, 150 magnificent bottles (incl. many fine jade ones), all for sale from a top dealer, illus in multi-view color plates; 2 color frontises.  Hardbound, color illus d.j. 11 x 8 1/2.  $22.50  Also available in stiff covers,  $19.75

Bernstein, Sam.  The EMPEROR'S JADE SUIT: MY ADVENTURES in the JADE TRADE.  n.p. (Hong Kong): Orchid Press, 2003. 269 pp, b/w illus. Hardbound, gilt, color illus d.j., 9 1/4 x 6 1/2.  Fascinating stories of "encounters, hopes, dreams, disappointments and thrilling victories" by this well-known high-end dealer in the pursuit of jades and other Chinese arts.  Published at $25; like-new copy inscribed to previous owner or a brand-new, unsigned copy, each only  $19.95

Born, Gerald M.  CHINESE JADE: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.   Chicago: Celadon Press, 1982.  431 pp, col frontis.  Leatherette over boards, 9 1/2 x 6 1/4.  The Holy Grail of jade reference books!  Complete and well-annotated (even includes prices) description of every jade book in Western languages from 1880-1981, plus an entire section on many of the most important Chinese books.  Very few copies printed, never reprinted, highly sought and exceptionally SCARCE. Brand new copy still in shrink-wrap.  $120

Cahill, Suzanne E. (Guest Curator).  WARRIORS, TOMBS and TEMPLES: CHINA'S ENDURING LEGACY.   Santa Ana, CA: Bowers Museum, 2011. 198 pp, 118 items illus in color plates, other color illus. Stiff covers, color, folded, 11 3/4 x 9. Magnificent companion catalog with overviews of the Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties and superb detailed photos of jades, bronzes, ceramics, gold, jewelry and more as well as the fascinating stories behind them. This is the original, full-size, most desirable edition. Only $8

Capon, Edmund & William MacQuitty.  PRINCES of JADE.   N.Y: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1973.  192 pp, over 150 photos, incl. 24 in color, figs.  Cloth, gilt, color illus d.j.  10 x 7 1/2.  Choice archaic jades, jade burial suit, etc. + other archaic items.  $24.95   Another, w/o d.j. $20

Childs-Johnson, Elizabeth.  ENDURING ART of JADE AGE CHINA, CHINESE JADES of LATE NEOLITHIC THROUGH HAN PERIODS.   N.Y: Throckmorton Fine Art, 2001. 146 pp, 50 items illus in color plates + add’l b/w illus. Stiff covers folded, color illus, 11 x 9. Extremely up-to-date and well produced, with 3 major essays on ancient jades plus magnificent close-up photography of top examples. Excellent reference. Only $49

Chu, Arthur & Grace.  ORIENTAL ANTIQUES and COLLECTIBLES: A GUIDE.  N.Y: Crown Publrs, 1973.  v + (1) + 248 pp + 19 color plates, 250 b/w photos, other illus.  Cloth spine, gilt, d.j.  9 1/4 x 6 1/4.  Loaded with practical info on Oriental antiques,including jades, cloisonne, bronze, ivory, textiles, paintings, glass, etc.  A must-have for the Oriental collector.  $24.50

Chu, Arthur & Grace.  The COLLECTOR'S BOOK of JADE.  N.Y: Crown Publrs, 1978.  xvi + 144 pp + 20 color plates; 203 b/w photos.  Cloth spine, no d.j.  10 1/4 x 7 1/4.  One of the best intro's to jade, with over 250 pieces illus.  Extremely readable, lots of practical advice.  Discusses physical properties of jade, distinguishing jade from pseudojades, dyed jade, tips on dating Chinese jades, and much more.  Highly sought, getting hard to find.  Fine copy with d.j. $28.

Cornforth, Trevor & Dr. Nathan Cheung.  The HANDBOOK of CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, with PRICE GUIDE.  A Schiffer Book for Collectors.  Atglen , PA: Schiffer Publ. Co., 2002.  158 + (2) pp, color illus.  Hardbound, color illus, decorative endpapers.  9 1/4 x 6. The complete run-down on snuff bottles of the type we might actually be able to afford, with valuable pricing information.  Brand new copy, still in wrapper.  $29.95

d'Argence', Rene'-Yvon Lefebvre.  AVERY BRUNDAGE COLLECTION CHINESE JADES.  San Francisco: de Young Museum Society, 1972.  184 pp, 81 color plates.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 8.  A selection of religious symbols, insignia of rank, ceremonial weapons, pendants, ornaments, figurines, miniature mountains, and containers from the Neolithic period to modern times from this world-class collection.  A must-have jade reference.  $28

Forsyth, Angus & Brian McElney.   JADES from CHINA.   First edition. Bath, England: the Museum of East Asian Art, 1994.  423 pp, 354 color plates, color map, 22 b/w figs.  English text, Chinese summaries.  Hardbound, gilt, embossed, color illus, d.j. 11 3/4 x 9.  This incredible book features more than 430 color pictures of the finest jades from Neolithic to Qing.  The 354 jades are from the collection of Brian McElney, the Peony Collection, and the Rannerdale Collection.  Includes 14 essays with latest scholarship on Chinese jades, covering such subjects as Jade-The Raw Material, The Supply of Jade to China Through the Ages, Working with Jade, plus individual essays on all periods from Neolithic to Qing.  A major contribution to jadeology and a “must have.”  Brand new copy, SPECIAL Only $95 ($80 off publisher's price). Near-mint softcover also available, $39.

Fossati, Gildo.   The WORLD of  JADE: GREAT MASTERPIECES of CHINESE ART.   Avenel, N.J: Random House, 1994 (1992).  214 pp, 318 color plates, jade photo endpapers.  Cloth, gilt, color illus d.j. 11 1/2 x 9.  One of the very best of the jade "appreciation" books, beautifully produced, highly sought.  Strong on Qing jades, magnificent pieces superbly photographed. DJ chip repaired. Only  $29 

Fuller, Richard E. CHINESE JADES in the SEATTLE ART MUSEUM. 1971. (8) pp + 61 b/w plates + 2 color plates. Color illus stiff covers, spiralbound. 7 x 5 inches. A fine introduction to Chinese jades, covering archaic to Qing in razor-sharp plates. Especially fine "devil's work" pieces and many other jades not published elsewhere. Now SCARCE and highly sought, excellent condition. Only $39

Goette, John. JADE LORE.   2nd edition.  (New Intro. by William C. Hu.) Ann Arbor: Ars Ceramica, 1976 (Reprint of 1937 edition).  xvii+ (10) + 321 pp, numerous b/w photos, maps.  A wonderfully readable and complete introduction to jade: its colors, sources, ancient jade, the “modern” jade industry, etc.  Unusual perspective from a journalist on the scene when superb pieces were coming on the market. Useful new introduction.  SCARCE.  Cloth, color illus d.j., 10 1/4 x 7 1/4. Light foxing on fore-edge, text block perfect ... or ... good x-lib copy in Mylar d.j. protector, missing only its color chart.  Either copy Only $49

Gump, Richard. JADE: STONE of HEAVEN.   Doubleday, 1962. 260 pp, 18 color plates, numerous b/w photos, figs.  Cloth, d.j.  9 1/2 x 6 1/4.  Excellent introduction to jade, plus fascinating stories of how the Gumps bought jade in the old days.  $35   An x-lib copy in excellent condition also available for $26

Hansford, S. Howard.  CHINESE JADE CARVING.  London: Lund Humphries, 1950.  xi + 145 + (1) + 32 pp multiple b/w plates, color frontis.  Cloth, gilt, map endpapers, color illus d.j.  10 x 7 1/2.  Prof. Hansford was one of the finest and most scholarly of the jade authors.  Required reading for the serious student of Chinese jade.  Covers the raw material, sources of supply, methods of carving, progress of the craft, much more.  This hard to find book in excellent condition, small spine chip to d.j.. in d.j. protector.  Quite SCARCE, this copy only   $79

Hansford, S. Howard.   CHINESE CARVED JADES.  Greenwich, Conn: New York Graphic Society, Ltd., 1968.  131 pp + 96 b/w plates + 8 color plates illustrating about 200 jades; figs.  Cloth, gilt, color illus. d.j.  10 x 6 1/4.  The late Prof. Hansford was one of the finest and most serious of the jade authors.  This book is required reading for the serious student of Chinese jade.  Particularly strong in archaic jades.  An as-new copy.  SCARCE. $108  An x-lib copy also available, inquire for condition report.

Hartman, Joan M.  CHINESE JADE of FIVE CENTURIES.  First edition.  Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1969.  172 pp, 10 color + 41 b/w plates, color frontis.  Cloth, gilt, embossed. 10 x 7 1/2.  Color illus d.j.  A superb introduction to Chinese jades, beginning with the Ming Dynasty.  In-depth text and fine pix.  Becoming SCARCE.  Fine copy.  $56

Helferich, Gerard. STONE of KINGS: In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya. Guilford, Conn: Lyons Press, 2012. xv + 287 + (1) pp, b/w illus. Cloth, color illus d.j., 9 1/2 x 6 1/4.   Part history, popular science, armchair travel, and real-life treasure hunt, this is the exciting story of pre-Columbian jade—the precious stone revered by ancient Aztecs, Incans, and Maya—and the scientists, collectors, explorers, and entrepreneurs who searched for 400 years for the mythical jade mines. Published at $24.95, this excellent copy just $14.95 

Hemrich, Gerald I. The HANDBOOK of JADE.   Mentone, Ca: Gembooks, 1966.  81 pp illus, photos.  Centerstapled, wraps.  8 1/4 x 5 1/2.  One of the best concise introductions to the subject of jade, strong on jade mineralogy.  Covers jade worldwide, color and quality, pseudojades, buying, collecting, sources, US locations, working, and carving.  Reduced  to $13.95 

Herrington, Chad.  EARLY CHINESE STONE and CIRCULAR ART.  La Mesa, CA: Chad Herrington, 2003.  (5) + 262 pp, 330 color plates.  Cloth, silvered, color illus d.j.  11 1/4 x 9.  This incredible book showcases an extraordinary collection of more than 1240 items, mostly archaic jades, but also agate, carnelian, and glass objects from the Dong Son Culture, c. 1000-700 BC.  Covers back to 6000 BC and includes a selection of  ancient bronze mirrors.  Never-before-published pieces well illus in this limited edition, autographed copy.  Only $65

Hitt, Henry C.  OLD CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES: Notes, with a Catalogue of a Modest Collection.  Rutland, Vt: Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1978.  (First Tuttle edition; first published privately in 1945.)  xii + 121 pp, neat hand printing w/ line drawing illus, one color and two b/w plates tipped-in.  Cloth, gilt, illus. d.j.  8 1/2 x 6.  The Tuttle facsimile edition of this very collectible and highly useful book.  Should be in every collector’s library.  Excellent copy with sticker of prestigious Warren Imports, Laguna Beach, only $42

Irvine, Gregory.   JAPANESE CLOISONNÉ ENAMELS.  London : V&A Publishing, 2011. 96 pp, color illus. Stiff covers, color illus, folded. 9-1/2 x 6-3/4.  Superb cloisonné enamels from the V&A's historical collection as well as the Edwin Davies collection, beautifully illustrated. Masterpieces from late 17th C. through the Golden Age and into the 20th C. New copy, bargain priced. Only $9

Kelley, Clarence W.   STONES of VIRTUE: CHINESE JADES from the GERALD GODFREY COLLECTION.   Dayton, Ohio: The Dayton Art Institute, 1989.  52 pp, 30 color plates.  Stiff wrprs, color illus,10 x 8.  Magnificent pieces from earliest archaicto Qing in razor-sharp color plates; up-to-date text.  $22.50

Kerr, Alex.   IMMORTAL IMAGES: The JADE COLLECTION of MARGARET and TRAMMELL CROW.   (Curator: Larry Niblett)  Dallas: Crow Family Interests, 1989.  xiii + (1) + 109 + (1) pp, color illus.  Cloth, embossed, gilt, color illus d.j., 12 x 9.  Incredible collection of wide scope, beautifully photographed.  Hard to believe such a collection is in private hands.  SCARCE, sometimes sells for $90 and up.  $45.00

Keverne, Roger (Ed.).  JADE.  London: Lorenz Books (Anness Publ. Ltd.), 1991.  376 pp, more than 500 color illus.  Cloth, illus endpapers, color illus d.j.  13 x 9 3/4.  A landmark in the study of the revered gemstone, combining the most authoritative contemporaryjade research and opinion from the world's leading experts.  Hundreds of color photographs of jades from every continent, the majority never previously published.  Structured geographically and historically, plus sections on jade gemology, advice for buyers and collectors, andjade collections.  Also glossaries, an indispensible annotated bibliography, and a fine introduction by Keverne.  A must-have book.  Long o.p. and now SCARCE Excellent 1st edition, 2nd printing, only $89.  Also available, one copy of the HIGHLY SOUGHT first printing (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1991), only $110*

Kleiner, Robert.   CHINESE JADES from the COLLECTION of ALAN and SIMONE HARTMAN New York (Hong Kong): Alan and Simone Hartman, 1996.  xx + (1) + 263 pp, 207 color plates.  Cloth, embossed and silvered, color illus d.j.  12 x 8 5/8.  Documenting 207 museum quality jades (some Imperial), this is one of the most beautiful and desirable of the jade appreciation books. Superb photography, magnificent jades, fascinating stories.  See full review here.  Sometimes sells for close to $200, but this as new copy ...   Only $62

Kuwayama, George.  CHINESE JADE from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COLLECTIONS.  Los Angeles: L. A. County Museum of Art, 1976. 74 pp, 62 b/w plates. Stiff covers, 10-1/2 x 8-1/4. Produced to accompany the blockbuster 1976-77 exhibition at LACMA. Well illustrated and covering the material, carving methods, and dating of jades from archaic through medieval to Qing. Valuable bibliography. Highly sought and now SCARCE, sometimes selling for over $100, this fine copy only $49

Laufer, Berthold.   JADE: A STUDY in CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY & RELIGION.   2nd edition.  S. Pasadena: P. D. & Ione Perkins, 1946.  (Reprint of 1912 ed.)  (2) + xiv + 370 pp, 68 plates (6 in color), 204 text figs.  Cloth, textured, gilt, illus d.j.  9 1/4 x 6 3/8.  Hardbound edition of one of the must-have jade “classics,” superior to the later Dover reprint (below).  Comprehensive early study of archaic jades.  Chapters include: Jade and other stone implements; Jade symbols of sovereign power; Astronomical instruments of jade; Jade as writing material; Jade in religious worship; Jade coins and seals; Personal ornaments of jade; Jade amulets of the dead; Jade objects used in dressing the corpse; Jade carvings of fish, quadrupeds, and human figures in the grave; Vases of jade; Jade in the 18th century; and Jade in other periods and cultures.  SCARCE.  Fine copy, a few pp with light toning. Dust jacket chipped and torn, but RARE to find a copy with d.j. at all.  Only $48  Another fine copy without d.j. Only $29

Laufer, Berthold.  JADE: A STUDY in CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY & RELIGION.   Publication of Field Museum of Natural History, Anthropological Series, Vol. X.  N.Y: Dover Publ., 1974.  (Reprint of 1912 Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History ed.)  xiv + 370 + (5) pp, 68 plates, 204 text figs.  Paperback, sewn.  8 1/2 x 5 1/2.  Fine reprint of one of the jade “classics,” a comprehensive early study of archaic jades (see description above).  A must-have.  Now o.p., becoming hard to find.   $24

Laufer, Berthold.   ARCHAIC CHINESE JADES, Collected in China by A. W. Bahr, Now in Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.  Described by Berthold Laufer.  Thirty-six Plates, Three of Which are Colored.  Limited edition. N.Y: Privately printed for A. W. Bahr, 1927 (Lakeside Press, Chicago).  Inscribed dedication on f.e.p. "from Billy Bahr."   51 pp + 33 b/w plates + 3 color plates + (1) pp, illustrating 144 jades.  Paper over boards, gilt, cloth spine.  10 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches.  Extraordinarily rare book beautifully illustrating the superb archaic jades that became the backbone of the Chicago museum collection.  Most of these pieces are not published elsewhere.  Excellent condition, previous owner name on f.e.p.   $ SOLD

Leung, J. H., Agatha Aronson, et alA NEW LOOK of CHINESE INSIDE PAINTED SNUFF BOTTLES.   First edition. Beijing: Yang Xin Xuan Art Books Printing Co., 1990. (2) + 212 + (1) pp, 968 bottles in color illus. Cloth, gilt, color illus endpapers, color illus d.j. 14 1/4 x 10 1/2. This gorgeous, informative, and well researched book will tell you everything you need to know about snuff bottles and especially inside-painted masterpieces and their artists. Fascinating stories of individual artists, the various schools and styles, and detailed explantions of the bottles themselves. Superb photography, many bottles illustrated larger than life size. If you are at all interested in inside-painted bottles you need this book. Copies SCARCE, sometimes selling for close to $200. As-new copy in slipcase, Only $74

Levy, Adrian & Cathy Scott-Clark.  The STONE of HEAVEN, Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade Boston et al: Little Brown & Co., 2001. xxiii + 408 pp + 16 pp b/w photos; map. Cloth, gilt, color illus d.j.  9 1/2 x 6 1/4.  Combining historical research, travelogue, and investigative journalism, this study reveals the hidden history of the world's rarest and most valuable gem stone-- Imperial Green Jade.  Fascinating story of the people behind the stone that “shaped the destiny of nations and changed the lives of all who wore it.”  Published at $24.95. New copy, SPECIAL $16.95

Lion-Goldschmidt, Daisy & Jean-Claude Moreau-Gobard.  CHINESE ART.   Vol. I: Bronzes, Jade, Sculpture, Ceramics.  (Tran. from ARTS de la CHINE.)  N.Y: Rizzoli, 1980.  264 pp + b/w and color plates.  Stiff covers (sl. crease to cover corner), color illus, 10 1/2 x 8 1/4.  Magnificent publication, remarkable in its breadth of coverage.  Excellent coverage of jades and bronzes, but much, much more.  Even single volumes hard to find. Vol. I (the Jades, Bonzes, and Ceramics volume), only $24

Loehr, Max.   ANCIENT CHINESE JADES, from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection in the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University.  Cambridge: Fogg Art Museum, 1975.  439 pp, 630 sharp, crisp b/w photos + 12 color plates + color frontis.  Cloth, 11 1/4 x 9 3/4.  A virtual encyclopedia of archaic jades!  Big, beautiful, scholarly, exceptionally useful, and EXTREMELY SCARCE . Only 2000 ever printed in a limited edition, never reprinted.  Grenville Winthrop (1864-1943) amassed two museums worth of the finest archaic jades (before all the fakery began) and bequeathed them to Harvard's Fogg and Sackler museums.  A must-have for the serious student of archaic jades, this book sometimes sells for over $650. This near-mint copy only  $315

Long Sang Ti.  CHINESE JADE, WHY CALLED "LUCKY STONE".   N.Y: Long Sang Ti Curios, 1926.  47 pp, 23 photos, paper over boards, col. scenic endpapers.  7 1/4 x 5 1/4.  One of the most charming jade books ever published.  This slim volume has rare photos of old-time jade carvers at work, as well as the jades themselves with prices (from 1926), and a very readable account of Chinese jade carving. Spine rough, cover and interior fine.  $24.95

Lung Ta-Yuan.  KU YU T'U P'U (GUYU TUPU, ILLUSTRATED DESCRIPTION [or MANUAL] of ANCIENT JADES), a.k.a. SUNG CH'UN-HSI CHIH PIEN (The Sung Catalog, 1176)).   Vols. 1-8 (of 16?).   2nd preface by Kiang Ch'un, 1779.  First printed edition. Peking: Ch'ing Ch'ien-lung year 44 (= 1779).   (1) + 124 + 144 + 166 + 144 + 168 + 170 + 144 + 168 pp, 559 woodcut illus; 46 (of 100) chuan (chapters), Chinese text.  Stitched Chinese style (some stitching loose), 12 1/4 x 7 1/4.   Custom made plexiglas storage case.   This famous, historic, and controversial book is discussed in depth by Hansford, Laufer, Born, Goette, and Pope-Hennessy.   Rawson lists it as "Long Dayuan et al. Guyu tupu, compiled in 1773 and first printed 1779."   It was notorious for being spuriously attributed to the Song emperor Gaozong (Xiaozong, 1127-62), completed in 1176 by a group of eminent scholars and artists under Long Dayuan.  The 1779 preface was written by Jiang Chun.  Declared a forgery in 1789 by the Qianlong library project, a reprint was issued 1869.  This famous book is discussed by Sinkankas in Keverne's "Jade" and by reknowned scholar Paul Pelliot in "Note on the Ku Yu t'u P'u" in T'oung Pao 29 (1932).  Ming Wilson’s recent jade book treats it extensively.  The UCLA East Asian Library has a 24 vol. edition and a London rare book dealer offered a 12(?) vol edition in 1985.  The famous Bishop Collection jade book translates one of the Prefaces.  EXCEPTIONALLY RARE and historic jade book, valuable for its 559 woodcuts.   $ SOLD

Luzzatto-Bilitz, Oscar.  ANTIQUE JADE.  (Tran. of Antiche Giade.)  London: Paul Hamlyn, 1969.  158 pp, 65 color plates.  Cloth, gilt, color illus d.j.  7 3/4 x 5 1/2.  Compact and highly readable intro duction to jade, with well chosen examples and excellent photos.  $24    Also available, a fine soft-cover copy from Cassell's Styles in Art series (1987) only  $17

Luzzatto-Bilitz, Oscar.  ORIENTAL LACQUER.  (Tran. of Lacche Orientali.)  London: Paul Hamlyn Publ. Group Ltd, 1969 (1966).  158 pp, 73 color plates.  Cloth, gilt, color illus d.j.  7 3/4 x 5 1/2.  Readable and well-illustrated introduction to lacquer wares, excellent photos.  $21

Lytle, Miriam Anderson.  The LIZZADRO COLLECTION, CHINESE JADES and OTHER HARD STONE CARVINGS.  Chicago: John Racila Assoc., 1982.  124 pp, 68 color photos + color foldout + b/w photos, maps.  Cloth, gilt, d.j.  11 1/2 x 9.  Brand-new copy, still in shrink-wrap.  Big, sharp color pix of simply superb pieces, especially large Qing Dynasty masterpieces.  $55

(Metropolitan Museum of Art).  TREASURES from the BRONZE AGE of CHINA, An Exhibition from the People's Republic of China.  N.Y: Ballantine Books, 1980.  192 pp, 105 color plates + b/w photos, figs.  Stiff covers, 11 x 8 1/2.  Illustrates, describes, and interprets ancient Chinese works of art, including magnificent archaic jades, lent to 5 U.S. museums. See also the scholarly edition, below.  Only $22

Meyer, Karl E. & Shareen Blair Brysac.  The CHINA COLLECTORS: AMERICA'S CENTURY-LONG HUNT for ASIAN ART TREASURES.  N.Y: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. (12) + 420 pp, b/w illus + 8 pp color plates; map. Hardbound, color illus d.j., 9-1/2 x 6-1/2. Fascinating stories of Salem sea captains, Gilded Age millionaires, curators on horseback (including one who inspired Indiana Jones), and missionaries gone native who helped bring Chinese art treasures to America. The back story on famous collections, collectors, and museums, with quite a bit about jade collecting. Published at $30. Brand-new copy, Only $14.95

Moss, Hugh M. (Ed.).  SNUFF BOTTLES of CHINA.  London: Bibelot Publrs Ltd, 1971.  158 pp, 409 bottles illus in tipped-in color plates, color frontis.  Cloth, gilt, decorative endpapers, color illus heavy folded d.j.  13 1/2 x 11.  The first and only edition of this huge, classic, must-have reference by an acknowledged expert. Very limited printing.  Sometimes sells for over $200.  This copy in excellent condition.  Only $110

(National Gallery).  The EXHIBITION of ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDS of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC of CHINA.   An Illustrated Handlist.  Washington, D.C: National Gallery of Art, 1975.  104 pp, numerous color and b/w plates.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 1/2 x 8 1/2.  Well-illustrated catalog of an outstanding exhibition of Chinese jades, bronzes, and other famous museum pieces the PRC.  $17.50

(National Museum of History.)   JADE: A TRADITIONAL CHINESE SYMBOL of NOBILITY of CHARACTER.  Taipei: National Museum of History, 1987. (2) + 96 pp, 74 pp of color plates. Chinese and English text, captions. Textured paper over boards, gilt, d.j. illus. 10 1/2 x 7 3/4. A beautifully produced book illustrating NMH's magnificent jades. Superb photography. As-new copy in color illus slipcase, has slightly musty "old book" smell. Only  $19

(National Palace Museum).  MASTERWORKS OF CHINESE JADE in the NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM.  (Wu Feng-p'ei, Ed.)  Taipei: National Palace Museum, 1969.  (6) + 50 color plates + 40 pp Chinese, Japanese, and English commentary; figs.  Cloth, gilt, 11 x 8 1/2.  Color illus slipcase. A classic jade reference, part of the acclaimed National Palace Museum series, long out-of-print.  $49   Another copy, w/o slipcase, at $39

(National Palace Museum).   MASTERPIECES of CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES in the NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM.  (Wu Fen-p’ei & Lin Mei-hui, Eds.) Taipei: National Palace Museum, 1971. (7) + 89 pp, 50 color plates. Chinese, Japanese, and English commentary. Cloth, gilt, 11 x 8-1/2 inches. Color illus slipcase. A classic reference, part of the acclaimed National Palace Museum series, long out-of-print. Features the 50 top bottles in the fabulous NPM, the kind of bottles the Emperor himself collected.  Only $49

(National Palace Museum).   MASTERPIECES of CHINESE MINIATURE CRAFTS in the NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM.   (Wu Yu-chang, Ed.)  Taipei: National Palace Museum, 1971.  (7) + 50 color plates + 97 + (1) pp Chinese, Japanese, and English commentary.  Cloth, gilt, 11 x 8 1/2.  Color illus slipcase.  One of the superb NPM series, long out-of-print.  Filled with choicest examples illustrating the old Chinese ideal, "Perceiving grandness through smallness" (Xiao zhong jian da).  $45

(National Palace Museum).  MASTERWORKS of CHINESE JADE in the NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM - SUPPLEMENT.   (Mai Chih-ch'eng, Ed.)  Taipei: National Palace Museum, 1973.  (8) + 50 color plates + 37 pp Chinese, Japanese, and English commentary. Cloth, gilt, 11 x 8 1/2.  Plastic book protector and color illus slipcase, as issued.  50 more of the most magnificent jades from the NPM, superbly illus and described.  Highly sought reference, much harder to find than its predecessor volume.  $62

Nott, Stanley Charles. CHINESE JADE THROUGHOUT the AGES, A Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore, and Symbolism.  The RARE and desirable first edition, 1st printing. London: B. T. Batsford, Ltd, 1936.  xx + 193 pp + 148 b/w and color plates; figs, frontis.  Cloth, no d.j.  10 3/4 x 7 3/4.  One of the first, and still one of the best, books on Chinese jades. It covers exactly what the subtitle says, well illustrated. A near-mint copy. $120.  Also available the 2nd edition, Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1962 (reprint of 1937 first American edition). Mint copy with color illus d.j. in illus slipcase.  Reduced to $50   Other copies available at lower cost, inquire.

Nott, Stanley Charles.  CHINESE CULTURE in the ARTS, Being an Illustrated Descriptive Record of the Meaning of the Emblematic and Symbolic Designs Personified in the Arts of China throughout the Ages.   (Intro. H. Phelps Clawson.)  Copy #937 of f irst, limited edition of 1500 copies.  N.Y: Chinese Culture Study Group of America, 1946.  xx + 134 pp, 64 b/w plates, 26 figs, color frontis.  Cloth, gilt, scenic endpapers, color d.j. intact with 2 x 2 inch triangle missing from bottom and now in Mylar protector. Very good condition internally.  12 1/4 x 9 1/2.  Filled with Nott's brilliant essays, well illustrated with examples of his superb jade collection. Hardly ever found with d.j. in any condition at all and often sells for $300-500.  SCARCE Only $280

(Palace Museum).  JADE ARTIFACT COLLECTION in the PALACE MUSEUM.   (Zhang Guangwen & Zhang Shoushan, authors.)  First edition.  Beijing: Forbidden City Publ House of the Palace Museum, 1996.  158 pp, 150 color plates.  Chinese & English text.  Doubled stiff covers, color illus, 11 x 8.  Lavishly illustrated, well written introduction to this world famous collection.  Spine loose, otherwise perfect.   $42

Palmer, J. P.  JADE.  London: Spring Books, 1967.  44 pp + 54 color plates + 8 b/w photos.  Cloth, gilt, d.j.  10 3/4 x 9 1/2.  Still one of the absolutely best jade appreciation books, for its carefully selected examples and soft and true colors.  Contents: Introduction, The physical properties of jadeite and nephrite, Where jade is found, China Persia and India, New Zealand, Pre-Columbian America, Chronological tables, Map of Jade in Asia, Notes on the illustrations.  $26

Perry, Lilla S.    CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES: The ADVENTURES & STUDIES of a COLLECTOR.  Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle Co., (1969) 1960.  158 pp, 150 full-size color & b/w illus, figs.  Cloth, embossed, color illus d.j., 10 x 10 1/4.  The book that started it all!  The first-- and still the finest-- comprehensive and authoritative intro to Chinese snuff bottles.  Covers every type and material, superb illus.   A technical book, but with helpful text that reads as entertainingly as fiction.  Becoming SCARCE.  Mint copy in original illus slipcase, appears unread. $60  Private ex-lib w/ only a card pocket, no spine or other page marks, appears unread.  $50  Other copies available.

Pope-Hennessy, Una.   EARLY CHINESE JADES.  First (and only) edition, "Printed and Made in Great Britain," first American release.  N.Y: Frederick A Stokes Co., 1923.  xx + 149 pp (13 figs) + 64 plates (8 in color) illustrating 125 jades, facing tissue guards printed with captions.  Cloth, gilt, 11 3/8 x 9 inches. Highly important reference by Dame Una Birch Pope-Hennessy (1876-1949) covering jade sources, the significance of jade, astronomical instruments, the ritual jades, tablets and weapons, jades for the living and the dead, seals, musical instruments, jade mountains and vessels, animals, and much more.  Razor sharp plates of jades from top private collections, many not published elsewhere.  EXTREMELY SCARCE; when copies come on the market they sometimes sell for up to $900.  BIG, heavy book, a must-have reference for the serious collector.  This copy in excellent condition.  $ SOLD.

Randall, Christopher.  A PERSONAL SELECTION of FINE CHINESE JADES from the YUSHANTANG COLLECTION of NICK TROUBETZKOY, Vol. 1. Hong Kong: Nick Troubetzkoy (CA Design), 2015. 128 + (1) pp, 105 jades illus in multiple color plates. English & Chinese text. Hardbound, color illus, decorative endpapers, color illus folded d.j. 12 1/4 x 9 1/2. Beautifully produced book of an incredible collection, especially of jades with colors and use of the skin, not just white. Highly recommended, see my full review here. Published at $140, this brand new copy Only $79

Sartor, Valerie & Wang Ying.  HOW TO SELECT JADE CRAFTS.   n.p. (Singapore?): Marshall Cavendish, 2009 (2008). (2) + 149 + (1) pp, color illus. Stiff covers folded, color illus, 7 1/4 x 4 inches. This useful buying guide has all the information you need to choose and buy jade crafts in China with confidencce. Explains clearly and simply what to look for, where and how to shop in China, and questions you should ask. Great tips, price guides, and cautionary advice ensure that you get the best value for your money. Kinds of jade, Chinese phrases used in buying jade, and much more. Only $10.95

Scott, Rosemary E. (Ed.).  CHINESE JADES: COLLOQUIES on ART & ARCHAEOLOGY in ASIA No. 18.   London: Percival David Foundation, 1997.  262 pp, numerous b/w illus.   Stiff covers, color illus.   11 x 8-1/2.  Sixteen well researched and illustrated articles by top jade scholars, covering the full range of archaic jades, with interesting information about their collectors, too.  A must-have for the serious student of jade.  $34

(Shanghai Museum).  SHANGHAI MUSEUM - ANCIENT CHINESE JADE GALLERY.   Shanghai: Shanghai Museum, 1996(?). 40 pp, color illus. Stiff covers, color illus and gilt, centerstapled. 11 1/4 x 7 1/2. Highlighting a fabulous museum collection with scores of sumptuous photos, plus some ink rubbings to bring out details. Mostly archaic jades but also up through Qianlong. Only $18.95

Schedel, J. J.  The SPLENDOR of JADE, FOUR THOUSAND YEARS of the ART of CHINESE JADE CARVING.   N.Y: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1974.  221 pp, 97 color plates, figs.  Cloth, color illus. d.j.  12 1/4 x 9.  A big volume, one of the most sumptuous of the "jade appreciation" books, showing off an absolutely unbelievable collection. A "must have."  Copies available with/without d.j. from $88 to $118

Schoon, Theo.   JADE COUNTRY.  Sydney, Australia: Jade Arts, 1973.  143 pp, 105 color plates, 6 pp color drawings, map.  Cloth, gilt, d.j. illus. 9 3/4 x 7 1/2.  New Zealand is where the finest jade carving is taking place today.  This is one of the best overall introductions to Maori and NZ contemporary jade art.  $49

Schmerholz, Georg.   JADE: A SCULPTURAL MEDIUM and GEORG SCHMERHOLZ [autobiography] Double reverse book. Somerset CA: Georg Schmerholz LLC, 2017. 39 + 41 pp, color illus. Stiff covers with color illus spot lacquered and digitally embossed, 8 x 8. Incredible jade carvings and sculptures from one of the most skillful and imaginative artists working today, beautifully illustrated in color and with biographical notes. Schmerholz's creations "bridge two distinct yet related disciplines, the art of sculpture and that of gemstone carving, while crossing cultural boundaries, interpreting and re-interpreting common items, themes, iconic identities and symbols through the magic of jade." Extremely scarce special edition, the only one featuring this special cover treatment, only 13 copies available and in original shrink wrap. Order directly from the author Only $45

Tsiang, Katherine R.  RADIANCE and VIRTUE: The R. NORRIS SHREVE COLLECTION of CHINESE JADE and OTHER ORIENTAL WORKS of ART.  Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1983. 88 pp, approx. 100 crisp b/w photos. Stiff covers, color illus, 11 x 8-1/2. Professor Shreve's amazing collection of Chinese jades, well illustrated and described. Mostly very fine Qing jades but some of them much older. Brand new copy. $35   Also available one copy of the original cloth gilt edition with color illus d.j., 11-1/4 x 9, only $48

Two Winds, Co., Ltd.  EXHIBITION of SPECIAL CHINA-PEKING ARTS and CRAFTS.  Tamar Productions, Inc., 1979.  79 pp, color plates.  Cloth, gilt, d.j.  11 1/4 x 8 3/4.  Superb, full-page pix of contemporary jade and hardstone carvings.  $19

Ward, Fred.  RUBIES & SAPPHIRES.  Fred Ward Gem Series.  First edition.  Bethesda, Md: Gem Book Publishers, 1992.  64 pp, numerous color photos.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 6.  This lavishly illustrated book, part of the Fred Ward Gem Book Series, includes History and Lore, where they are found, artifacts and jewelry, plus information on synthetic corundum and simulants. Also valuable information on buying and caring for these precious stones. Beautifully illustrated, easy to read, perfect for the collector or jeweler. Published at $19.95, this as-new copy only $10.95

Ward, Fred.  OPALS.  Fred Ward Gem Series.  First edition.  Bethesda, Md: Gem Book Publishers, 1997.  64 pp, numerous color photos.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 6.  This lavishly illustrated book, part of the Fred Ward Gem Book Series, includes History and Lore, Black Opal, Boulder Opal, Light Opal, and Mexican Opal plus information on assembled opals, synthetics, and simulants. Also valuable information on buying and caring for opal. Beautifully illustrated, easy to read, perfect for the collector or jeweler. Published at $19.95, this as-new copy only $10.95

Ward, Fred.  DIAMONDS.  Fred Ward Gem Series.  Revised (2nd) edition.  Bethesda, Md: Gem Book Publishers, 1998.  64 pp, numerous color photos.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 6.  This lavishly illustrated book, part of the Fred Ward Gem Book Series, includes History and Lore, Hunt for Treasure, Romancing the Stone, Jewels and Artifacts, Synthetic and Industrial Diamonds, and Buying & Caring for Diamonds. Fascinating, beautiful, and easy to read introduction to the world’s premier gem. Published at $19.95, this as-new copy only $12. Also available: 1st edition (1993) autographed by Fred Ward, same price.

Ward, Fred.  EMERALDS.  Fred Ward Gem Series.  Revised edition.  Bethesda, Md: Gem Book Publishers, 2001.  64 pp, numerous color photos.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 6.  This lavishly illustrated book, part of the Fred Ward Gem Book Series, includes everything you need to know about the complex world of emeralds, from History and Lore, through where they are found, special section on Topkapi dagger, lab-grown and synthetic emeralds, and buying and caring for emeralds. Published at $19.95, this as-new copy only $10.95. Also available: 1st edition (1993) autographed by Fred Ward, same price.

Ward, Fred.  JADE.  Fred Ward Gem Series.  Latest (3rd) edition.  Bethesda, Md: Gem Book Publishers, 2015.  64 pp, more than 100 color photos.  Stiff covers, color illus, 9 x 6.  This superb book by the noted jade author, recently updated and expanded, covers the full range of jade worldwide, with special emphasis on Chinese jades.  Includes a useful jadeite color chart. See review here. Only $19.95  Also available: Revised edition (2001), 64 pp, clean x-lib.  Only $15  Also available one copy of First Edition autographed by Fred Ward (1996; it's worth owning all three editions), 64 pp. Only $15

Watt, James C. Y.   CHINESE JADES from HAN to CH'ING.   N.Y: The Asia Society, 1980. 235 pp, 229 items illus in numerous b/w and color plates. Color frontis. Cloth, color illus d.j.. 9 3/4 x 9. James Watt (Qu Zhi-ren) was Curator at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. This superb book is filled with the choicest examples, well illustrated and carefully explained. One of the jade book “must have's.” Copies are highly sought and hard to find, especially this fine condition cloth edition.  $70  Also available a fine copy of the softbound edition, only $50

Watt, James C. Y.  CHINESE JADES from the COLLECTION of the SEATTLE ART MUSEUM.  Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 1989.  128 pp, 109 jades illus in color and b/w plates, frontis.  Cloth, silvered, color illus d.j.. 11 1/4 x 9.  Superb book, presenting one of the Nation's finest jade collections in gorgeous photographs.  Exceptionally clean as-new x-lib copy (from Horizon House Library), very SCARCE in the hardbound edition.  $50

Watt, James C. Y.  CHINESE JADES from the COLLECTION of the SEATTLE ART MUSEUM.  Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 1989.  128 pp, 109 jades illus in color and b/w plates, frontis.  Stiff covers, color illus, 11 x 9.  Affordable copy of this superb book, presenting one of the Nation's finest jade collections.  Brand new copy.  $27

Weisbrod, Michael B. et al.  TENTH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION, MICHAEL B. WEISBROD, Inc., SELECTED CHINESE WORKS of ART.  2 - 19 December 1986.  N.Y: Weisbrod Chinese Art Ltd., 1986.  157 pp, 72 color and b/w plates, 3 foldouts.  Stiff covers, color illus, 10 x 8.  The finest bronzes, ceramics, sculpture, etc. (but no jades).  $15

(Weisbrod, Michael B., Inc.)   RELIGION and RITUAL in CHINESE ART.  8-22 December 1987.  N.Y: Weisbrod Chinese Art Ltd., 1987.  131 pp, 53 items illus in color, foldout.  Stiff covers, color illus, 10 x 8.   Superb bronzes, ceramics, and other works of art, including 6 very fine jades.  $20

(Weisbrod, Michael B., Inc.)   A PRIVATE COLLECTION of EARLY CHINESE JADE CARVINGS.  November - December 1994.  N.Y: Weisbrod Chinese Art Ltd., 1994.  (1) + 85 + (1) pp, 45 items illus in color, foldout.  Stiff covers, color illus, 10 x 8.   Magnificent early jades, interesting and scholarly text.  SCARCE.   $38

Whitlock, Herbert P. & Martin L. Ehrmann. The STORY of JADE.   N.Y: Sheridan House, 1949 (1965 reprint).  222 pp, 179 plates, 3 color plates, endcover maps.  Cloth, gilt, d.j.  11 1/4 x 7 3/4.  A superb introduction to Chinese jades, showing many examples of the kinds of jades you may actually be able to purchase, as well as the museum examples.  (An excellent ex-lib copy with d.j. protector (*) is also available, same price.)  $55

Williams, C. A. S.  ENCYCLOPEDIA of CHINESE SYMBOLISM and ART MOTIVES, An alphabetical compendium of antique legends and beliefs, as reflected in the manners and customs of the Chinese.   Intro. By Kazimitsu W. Kato. Edison, NJ: Castle Books, 1974.  xiv + (6) + 468 + (1) pp, b/w figs.  Hardbound, gilt, color illus d.j., 9 x 6.   This reissue of the famous 1932 3rd revised edition should be in the library of anyone interested in understanding Chinese jades and decorative arts.  Hundreds-- or is it thousands-- of illus entries.  Excellent condition, appears unread, d.j. in Mylar protector. Only $15.95 (Hardbound)   Also available, good copy of the Dover reprint of 1976 3rd edition, softbound. Only $6.95

Wills, Geoffrey.  JADE: A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE.  A. S. Barnes, 1968.  121 pp, 29 photos; figs.  Cloth, d.j.  8 1/2 x 5 1/2.  Classic older book with much of value for the jade collector.  $22

Wills, Geoffrey.  JADE of the EAST.  N.Y: John Weatherhill, Inc., 1972.  196 pp, 162 color & b/w plates; figs.  Cloth, gilt. 12 1/4 x 9 1/4.  Color illus slipcase, orig publisher's slipband.  Wills' magnum opus, one of the first and finest jade appreciation books, with magnificent illus, practical and useful text, and supplemented with coverage of non-Chinese jades as well.  Belongs on every collector's shelf.  Becoming SCARCE.  Mint copy.  $62

Wilson, Ming.  CHINESE JADES.   Victoria & Albert Museum Far Eastern Series. London: V&A Publns, 2004. 127 pp, 124 color illus, color frontis. Cloth, silvered, color illus d.j. 10 x 8 1/2. Superb, absolutely must-have book with up-to-date essays on jades, even a chapter on imitations and fakes. Wonderfully illustrated with famous V&A jades as well as many previously unpublished. See full review here. Your choice of as-new copy ... or ... fine copy from the prestigious Trammel Crow Collection with their internal pocket, no external marks, only  $47

Yang, Xiaoneng.  SCULPTURE of XIA & SHANG CHINA. Hong Kong: Tai Dao Publ Ltd., 1988. (2) + vii + 302 pp, 316 color & b/w plates, 41 figs, 2 tables. Cloth, color illus d.j.,10 1/2 x 7 1/2. Informative chapters on sculpture during the Erlitou Culture period and the Shang Dynasty including jade, stone, bronze, bone, and pottery artifacts, all beautifully displayed in colorful photographs and detailed illustrations. Fine copy of this SCARCE book.  Only $22

Yang, Xiaoneng (Ed.).  The GOLDEN AGE of CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY: CELEBRATED DISCOVERIES from the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC of CHINA.  Washington: National Gallery of Art, 1999.  584 pp, hundreds of color plates.  Stiff covers, color illus, 12 3/8 x 10.  Huge, heavy book presents more than 170 masterpieces of ancient Chinese art, including numerous jades but also bronzes, ivory, ceramics, and more.  Scholarly, up-to-date essays.  Outstanding photography, including extreme closeups that permit study of the jade workmanship.  Orig publ'd at $80.  Brand new copy, still in shrink-wrap.  $50

Zara, Louis.  JADE.  Collectors' Blue Books. N.Y: Walker & Co., 1969.  First edition.  84 pp, 54 b/w photos, 2 color plates, frontis. Cloth, gilt, illus d.j.  8 1/2 x 6 1/4.  Excellent classic reference with much of value for the jade collector.  Only $10.

Zhang, Minghua.  CHINESE JADE: POWER and DELICACY IN A MAJESTIC ART.  (Trans. of Yu Qi.)  San Francisco: Long River Press, 2004.  (2) + 77 pp, color & b/w illus.  Cloth, embossed, silvered, decorative endpapers, color illus d.j.  7 1/2 x 5 1/2.  Beautifully illustrated and well written, this book explores the history and variety of Chinese jade masterpieces.  One of the excellent Arts of China series.  Brand new copy still in shrink-wrap.  Only $12.95 

Zhou Kexi.  CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY.  (Trans: Yawtsong Lee)  Discovering China series. Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest (Shanghai Press & Publ Development), 2008. 119 pp, color illus. Cloth, color illus & embossed d.j. 8-1/2 x 5-7/8. A wonderful exploration of the aesthetics, culture, and history surrounding this treasured art form. Emphasizing the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, this book overviews the five kinds of scripts, namely seal script (zhuan), clerical script (li), regular script (kai), running script (xing) and cursive script (cao), each illustrated with masterpiece examples. Brand new copy.  Only $14.95 

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