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Chinese Jades
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For display or fondling stone
Item  au37       Price:  Only $49
Rare jadeite resembling chloromelanite
Item  xt52       Price:  $69
Classic scholar form, good coloring
Item  ba30       Price:  $325
Old, pitted nephrite jade
Item  rg69       Price:  Only $75
Quality nephrite jade, affordable
Item xg30       Price:  $235
Late Qing dynasty c. 1900
Item  rb40        Price:  $125
Large and fine older work
Item  jg96       Price:  $348
Exceptionally pale and uniform color
Item  jp92       Price:   $290
Sensitive study with auspicious symbols
Item  pf24       Price:  $378
Large and unusual
Item  rd05       Price:  $169
Eastern Zhou style
Item  mg57       Price:  $70
Unusual motif
Item  at15       Price:  Only $139
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