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Well carved from the russet underskin
Item  ab98       Price:  $120
Auspicious pendant, ready to wear
Item  ff06       Price:  Only $59
Hard-to-find Type A natural color, well carved
Item  ep94       Price:  $239
Fine material, with Confronted Dragons
Item  dn10       Price:  Only $49
With lucky Bat & Peaches motif
Item xxxx       Price:  $320
Fine opals and top-quality jade
Item  du75        Price:  $165
Interesting design emulating Neolithic style
Item  eb52       Price:  $139
Dainty and delicate, in fine and rare material
Item  je17       Price:  each only $59
Fine nephrite jade, with tie-tac
Item  xxxx       Price:  Only $32
True nephrite jade, mounted as a necklace
Item  er34       Price:  $65
Totoweka type Pounamu jade on jadeite necklace
Item  bt89       Price:  $159
Nephrite, jadeite, calibrated and uncalibrated
Item  xxxx       Price:  $ various
5-sided freeform shape, bound and ready for your gold chain
Item  da51       Price:  $175
"Imperial Jade" color, size 12
Item  rn09       Price:  Only $52
Genuine Burmese jadeite and authentic coral
Item  ee77       Price:  Only $39
Medium-green 9mm beads jadeite necklace
Item  fe61       Price:  Only $65
Unusual and attractive, with colored enamel work
Item  dt13       Price:  $70
Fine foliated pendant, ready to wear
Item  ff60       Price:  Only $60
Well carved with auspicious symbols, on rose quartz necklace
Item  ee73       Price:  Only $89
Mid-century design, top-quality nephrite, 14K gold
Item  jhxx       Price:  Only $175
Mid-century piece of finest quality
Item  sh01       Price:  $75
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JADES • 1 2 3 4 5 6 
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