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Rare double Guei-Bi form
Item  aa95       Price:  $65
Fine reproduction, fully chicken-boned
Item dj71       Price:  Only $49
Convincing true nephrite replica
Item  yg22       Price:  Only $55
Excellent "Fungus of Immortality" study
Item  an93       Price:  $285
Auspicious accessory for the Scholar's desk
Item  dg74       Price:  $174
Fine example in weathered nephrite
Item  de73       Price:  Only $65
Affordable jadeite and nephrite -- photos and prices upon request
Item xx         Price:  request
Fine jade with Bamboo and inscription
Item  fb68       Price:  Only $125
5-peaked mountain with Deer
Item  bt85       Price:  $379
Fine example of "chicken-bone" jade
Item  dg59       Price:  $148
Choice material, older carving
Item  pg60       Price:  $195
Convincing example in true jade
Item  bd47       Price:  $250
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