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Chinese Jades
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Unusual example in true jade
Item  je75       Price:  $70
Unusually large and well carved
Item  dp14       Price:  Only $95
Fine example in nephrite jade
Item  db72      Price:  $339
Excellent "Fungus of Immortality"
Item  df54       Price:  $128
Realistic toggle, attractive material
Item  ag77       Price:  $150
Fine color, Han dynasty style
Item  ae30       Price:  Only $69
Unusual Neolithic style
Item ad30         Price:  $150
Heavy and sharp
Item  ba19       Price:  $78
Quality archaistic example
Item  dj37       Price:  Only $39
Well carved, wonderful colors
Item  yd97       Price:  $165
Attractive hardstone example
Item  ae75       Price: Only $49
Beautiful example of lapidary art
Item  ag30       Price:   Only $79
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