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Well executed example
Item  ae79       Price:  $95
Excellent material, very well carved
Item  fx23       Price:  $595
Impressive and well carved
Item  bt83    Price:  $395
Skillfully incised calligraphy poem
Item  pn89       Price:  $325
Classic Hongshan form
Item  je53          Price:  $62
Rare example, with gem lab certificate
Item  fy22       Price: $165
Fine C-scrolls in the Han manner
Item  ds76       Price:  Only $60
Top-quality older work
Item  rd74           Price:  $172
True nephrite jade
Item  rd95     Price: $59
Unusual form, russet jade
Item  jn91     Price:  $92
Fine mutton-fat hardstone example
Item  dt93           Price:  Only $45
An unusual form
Item  an91       Price:  $49
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JADES • 1 2 3 4 5 6 
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