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Quality piece, early 20th C.
Item  ya23               Price:  $325
Good representation, in true nephrite jade
Item  je74       Price:  Only $69
Early 1900s, magnificent stands
Item  ag37       Price:  $450
Imperial birthday award
Item  bt64       Price:  Only $69
Convincing copy in true jade
Item  bd41       Price:  Only $59
Classic example in celadon nephrite
Item  pb66       Price:  Only $64
Fincely incised hair ornament
Item  re29       Price:  $295
Large, Zhou dynasty style
Item  au30       Price:  $135
Skillfully incised in the Eastern Zhou manner
Item  ag35       Price:  Only $89
From 1930s or earlier
Item  dp74       Price: Only $49
Accurate Liangzhu copy
Item  bj07       Price:  Only $39
First-class artistry
Item  re84       Price:  Only $110
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